Psychedelic Impulse

Psychedelic Impulse
4 maart 2024
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Emmastraat 15

Tickets & prijs Psychedelic Impulse

Deurverkoop:€ 5,-alleen cash
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Line-up Psychedelic Impulse

Line-up is niet compleet.
1Main Area
Polen Verenigd Koninkrijk downtempo, psy
2Chill Out
psy, downtempo
house, reggae, downtempo, psy
Australië Duitsland techno, downtempo


You're invited to Psychedelic Impulse and Birthday Celebration!
Come and experience a night of vibrant colors, pulsating beats, and a mind-altering atmosphere at our psychedelic rave, which is also a celebration of Sanne's birthday! Get ready to let loose and embrace the psychedelic vibes as we create an unforgettable experience together.

Main Area

📀 Sati
📀 Sannergy
📀 Gonzo Vibes
📀 Amadeus von Triphoven

Chill Out

📀 Bryste
📀 Olmo / Osa
📀 Amelie
📀 Alles Ablenklumg
📀 S. Shepherd
📀 Rogier Sebastian

Deco: TBA

Optional dress code suggestion

Dress in vibrant, fluorescent colors to match the energetic ambiance.
Let your imagination run wild with UV-reactive clothing and accessories!

Mark your calendar and prepare for an otherworldly experience! We look forward to seeing you at our party.

bring cash for the 5,- at the door
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