Butterflies in Babylon

Butterflies in Babylon
27 december 2023
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schatting: techno
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Butterflies in Babylonvr 31 mei 2024, 15:00 ←
Butterflies in Babylonza 1 jun 2024, 15:00

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Line-up Butterflies in Babylon

· live Turkije techno
Rusland downtempo
Zweden techno, house
Calling all Butterflies to our Gardens! Mark your calendars for our first show in Amsterdam in 2024.. This highly anticipated hometown favourite takes place over two days this year when the sun shines brightly..

May 31 : Day 15:00 - 23:00 & Afterparty 23:00 - 04:00
June 1: Day 13:00 - 23:00 & Afterparty 23:00 - 04:00


As some of you know already, our weekend-trip-festival will only return in 2025! So make sure to block May 31 & June 1 for the family. Let this be the moment early summer to reunite and fully indulge in that unique Babylon vibe and feeling!


Visitors of the Night Sky have early access to the ticket sale on December 29 & 30! You will find the QR code at the event!! The General Ticket Sale Online starts on January 2 at 20:00.

For this festival we have the following tickets available
Weekender (excluding both afterparties)
Friday Day Ticket
Friday Afterparty Ticket
Saturday Day Ticket
Saturday Afterparty Ticket
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