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52Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 12 oktober 2020
Detroit is a place that has a musical lineage which stretches way back. Each city has is own unique scene and their own take on Raves. Detroit is no different. From The Music Institute to The Alley. Tribe 9, Hardware and the infamous Packard Plant, they all make up the rich tapestry of Detroit's famous rave scene.

In this week’s Further DJ Bone will be taking you deep on the rave legacy of his city. The parties and dance floors that shaped his tastes as a young artist and the records that made the dance floors erupt. This will be a timeline from his early years through to today's and beyond.

Further sees Bone curating a series of weekly, intimate shows which will be diverse from what you would normally experience in the club.
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