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18:00 - 01:00:  Italië Nederland house, techno
15Facebookbezoekers @ 1 juli 2020
44Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 1 juli 2020
80Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 28 september 2020
Get yourself a jurassic evening: Boj and Floris have traveled through time, bringing some fossil records from a prehistoric era dominated by Disko Dinozò. Meanwhile Clonico fears a mass extinction: the last dance of western dinosaurs might be compromised by a pandemic boogie.

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Nescio Café is a cool hotspot inside the old Zoological museum in Oosterpark, a place where to sit and relax, work, dine or have a cocktail. According to the social distance regulations we have a limited capacity.
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