Innerverse × Rooftop party

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Line-up Innerverse × Rooftop party

Live: Verenigde Staten
Mexico Nederland house, techno
house, trance, techno
Mexico house, techno
house, techno
Verenigde Staten house, trance
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Charged with the energy and sound of Ibiza, a solid team of promoters and DJ's bring you INNERVERSE: A playground for the mind.

Our goal is to provide the spectator with a complete sensorial voyage, stimulating the senses to create a profound auditive and visual impact for an ethereal experience.

For this double debut our headliner of choice is Serge Devant, notorious producer amongst the mighty Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound and Emerald City. Coming with strong momentum from DC10 Ibiza and Fuse Records ' 8th anniversary, Serge will take over our terrace at sunset, mastering the craft of that particular sound which resonates deeply with the essence of our brand, closing the day and welcoming the night in style.
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