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Line-up Monkeytown Records

Rap: Argentinië drum & bass, urban
house, techno
Verenigd Koninkrijk house, dubstep
2Panorama Bar
Verenigd Koninkrijk house, urban, dubstep
house, techno
233Facebookbezoekers @ 22 mei 2019
1400Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 22 mei 2019
Monkeytown has long become a household name for everyone who loves electronic music. Launched in 2009 by Modeselektor, it was originally conceived as a means to release music by friends and Modeselektor’s own records. It soon developed into much more.
The label and its offshoot 50Weapons became key players in connecting the various strains of dance and bass music, the scenes of Berlin, London and everyone affiliated to these.
After ten years, a hundred releases and countless outstanding tracks the label celebrates its anniversary in Berlin.
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