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Voorverkoop is gestart op woensdag 13 januari 2010.
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Was weer een prima feestje!

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Icicle en Proxima waren super bij eerdere edities. Vet!!!! De rest is ook niet verkeerd trouwens. :) Count me in!
Mik dj
Artiest Mik
Deze editie komen de neven Icicle en Proxima wederom naar Groningen.≠ Ze zijn beiden afzonderlijk al eens te gast geweest op Break-Fast, maar nu dus te samen voor een 2 uur b2b set.≠
De avond wordt opgewarmd door de belgen Etnik &≠ Fuzz met een frisse selectie beats.≠

Samen met Break-Fast aanwinst Mindmapper zal ik de avond gepast sluiten.≠

Uiteraard wordt dit bourgondische feestje met een heerlijke vocale saus overgoten door de beste dnb-MC van de Benelux: Mush!!!

a.≠k.≠a: Fakking zin in!
Werkzaam bij Break-Fast
Artiest Fre4knc
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Icicle aka Jeroen Snik was born & raised in Holland. At the Age of 8 Icicle first started playing piano and soon got onto the drum kit. It wasn't long until he started making beats using an old school midi set-up and aged 15 he became hooked on drum and bass after going to local night "Jungle Galaxy". Getting some turntables and better music making software followed and Icicle was on his way.

Icicle takes inspiration from the dirty basslines of the likes of Jonny L and Optical and the intricate drum patterns of Photek & Source Direct. With this approach Icicle's tech funk sounds have quickly earned him DJ support from Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, London Elektricity, Pendulum, Andy C, Friction, D-Bridge, DJ Flight and Commix no less.

After releasing music on highly respected labels such as RAM, Shogun Audio, Soul:R, Renegade Hardware and Critical, Icicle thought it was time to make the move to England and at the end of 2008 he did. From London he can now fully focus on his musical career, Djing regularly around the world but more importantly working in the studio. Icicle has committed to DJ Frictionís Shogun Audio imprint and has begun work on his debut LP due for release at the start of 2010. Not afraid to stray from the beaten track, Icicle is also working on various non-drum and bass Projects. More information is to follow.

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Proxima was 15 when he had his first encounter with drum n bass. Not long after that he started producing beats and buying records. With some help from his cousin Icicle it didnt take long before he had interested some people with his music.

Many dnb artists have inspired Proxima over the years; Jonny L, Photek, Source Direct, Calibre, D-Bridge and others. Because of their astonishing sounds Proxima keeps getting pushed to take his beats to a next level.

Signed on labels such as Frequency, Shogun and Verseís Crunch, Proxima is on his way to establish himself as a well known producer, getting much support from big names in the scene. Watch out for this one, the end is nowhere to be found yet.

Recent interview: http://www.≠ed.≠nl/uitcultuur/muziek/5950687/Proxima-Gijs-Snik-energiek-diep-en-aardedonker.≠ece
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Etnik & Fuzz host the concrete jungle radioshow on radio Scorpio together with The Nitrous each tuesday from 22 till 01h on 106FM - Leuven, organise the monthly Bassline parties, are involved in the drum & bass parties at Rumba & Co and still promote their own party concept: Excess
What to expect...

Etnik & Fuzz were given the chance to organise the monthly Bassline events halfway through 2007. They have been pushing the local scene in Leuven eversince, inviting both international artists and upcoming talents from all over the country. Gaining more and more confidence from the crowds they played for, bigger events in and outside Belgium came, giving these two dj's more fame everytime. After numerous of bookings the last 5 years, they have proven to know exactly what the crowd wants. Constantly refining their music choice and carefully searched after combo's make their sets a harmonic balance between pleasure and education.

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Ook Henkie denkt dat het een mooi feest wordt:

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haha dat is nog eens een mooie sneeuwhenkie:)

Verder, 2 WEKEN NOG 2 WEKEN NOG 2 WEKEN NOG:D:D:D:D dikke vette zin in!
Kaartje in de pocket! Ik heb er zin in :D