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Post Scriptum's nuclear sounding tracks were unearthed by the 'Sandwell District" co- label owner – Function, who has placed Post Scriptum's tracks on his Berghain 07 Part I (OSTGUT 086EP, 2015). Berghain 07 was an instalment in the series of DJ mixes by the Berlin club's residents, mixed by Infrastructure founder Function. Accompanying the mix were two 12''s (Berghain 07 Part I and Part II (OSTGUT 087EP)), which featured Post Scriptum's "Human Timescales".
Following from the Ostgut appearences, Post Scriptum released a debut album of Millsian disciplines simply called Post Scriptum 01 on Infrastructure New York.
Respected press outlets are hailing his debut as one of the best of the year...
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