Joe Stone
2 september 2015
NaamJoe Stone
Functie67 × DJ
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresdeep house, future house


Joe Stone can be seen as the newest entry onto the deep/future house scene, as his debut single 'The Party (This Is How We Do It)' is truly making waves among the DJ community. But while the name is new to the scene, the background of this DJ/productional act already speaks volumes, ranging from classical music training to producing timeless house tunes and remixes for some of the biggest names out there.

Joe Stone is the alter ego of Dutch DJ Maurice Oude Booyink, who's been working as a DJ/producer for years. He starts his musical career at an early age, playing keys at the age of seven, and it doesn't take him long to create new, original melodies. Growing up on a diet of funk and soul music, he masters these styles in his first band at the age of sixteen, followed by producing his first dance records.

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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 17 december 2022: World Club Dome, Merkur Spiel-Arena, Düsseldorf

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15 september 2018
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