Dave Angel
29 april 2018
NaamDavid Angelico Nicholas Gooden
Functie60 × DJ
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genresfunk, tech house


A part of the very fabric of the UK techno scene, Dave Angel's status as an erudite for electronic culture is anything but hyperbole or smothered in exhausting superlatives, but cemented in facts and encased in the endless memories of those who have lived, loved and danced, to the astonishing output of music he has created during his 20+ years as a producer.

Born the son of a Jazz musician and elder brother to British hip-hop artist Monie Love, Dave's path in music came to the fore during the explosion of acid house in London, back in the late 80's. Hosting one of the zeitgeist shows of its time, his weekly broadcast on pirate radio station Phaze One (alongside Fabio and Groverider), saw him champion a new sound that was gradually captivating the youth of the country and catapulted him into the media spotlight, with notable publications including Mixmag, DJ Magazine and The Guardian; all proclaiming Dave as a one of the major forces in the UK techno/acid house scene.

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20 mei 2006
Foto's, Emporium, 20 mei 2006, De Berendonck, Wijchen
5 augustus 2005
Foto's, Dance Valley, 5 augustus 2005, Spaarnwoude, Velsen-Zuid

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