FilosofischeStilte (foto)
NaamLuuk Graham
Genresbass, garage, hip hop, IDM, trap
"The Hague's FilosofischeStilte, aka Luuk Graham started making music because of a love of rap, but soon outgrew singing over his own beats and stuck to sculpting sound instead. Now, two years after first starting, he has built a reputation as someone who works a lot with Commodore 64 and Nintendo sounds, transforming them into something new, resulting in arpeggios, sparkling synths, fat bass and digital dirt with its own personality.
"It's essential for me that my beats, melody and atmospheres make a strong impression" says the man who lists influences as diverse as UK Garage, UK bass, hip hop and people like Mount Kimbie, Shlohmo and Starkey...
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