foto Decipher & Shinra
NaamPete Hinkley & Adrian Rapley
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Decipher, Pete Hinkley
Shinra, Adrian Rapley
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After refining their skills in the studio over the last three years, Brisbane based hardcore DJs and producers Decipher and Shinra are poised to take the Australian hardcore scene to a whole new level. Since joining forces at the beginning of 2010 the pair have had impressive results, the highlight of their short partnership being their track 'Decipher & Shinra - We Fight For Out Right To Party' achieving recognition from global juggernaut Q Dance as the only hardcore entry to make it to the final of the Defqon 1 remix competition.
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Party agenda Decipher & Shinra
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 16 september 2017: Defqon.1 Festival Australia, Regatta Centre, Sydney
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Tim ..!
Nice work @­ Dominator 2014 ! Keep up the good work!