Decipher (foto)
NaamPete Hinkley
Lid van groepDecipher & Shinra
After numerous European tours as one half of the Australian powerhouse duo Decipher & Shinra, Decipher relocated to take his act to the next level.

Since basing himself in Germany Decipher has been one of the hardest working producers on the scene. When he is not in the studio creating
dance floor slammers like 'Vitamins','Fire & Blood' and 'Musical Violence' he can be found collaborating with other industry heavyweights as Angerfist, Korsakoff, Dyprax and Catscan.

All this hard work has placed Decipher on the biggest stages in Europe this year including Dominator, Airforce One and Kingsday festival, as well as bookings further afield in Australia and the U.S.A.
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khaoz engine
Dikke set op de defqon zaterdag met Shinra!!!

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Whaha, I thought you were kiddin me, but you really go to Masters :D Was nice to meet you in Brisbane (River City Gabba Crew rules), hope to see you in Holland!
Where can i buy your releases online??

really fat tracks :D
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