Sneak-R & Masaya (foto)
NaamJessie Rondolo & Ivanildo Brondenstein
FunctieDJ, groep
Masaya, Ivanildo Brondenstein, partyflock DJ-Masaya
Rond(S)olo, Jessie Rondolo
Genresdancehall, eclectic, garage, hip hop, house, latin, oldschool, techno, trap, urban, zouk
In 2005, Sneak-R & Masaya met each other during a holiday. Together they had the same sense and purpose in mind when it comes to music and decided to form a duo. In 2006 they began their successful career that seems unstoppable.

A new duo which not much heard of in the Dutch Dance scene! Sneak-R & Masaya will bring you music and entertainment of high quality.

With their great sounds of (Latin) House, Electro to hard Techno & R&B. Sneak-R & Masaya ensures you for a good vibe. Their energy, enthusiasm and charisma behind the decks form the basis for a successful evening. I welcome you to listen to a selection of my past and upcoming releases


DJ: Sneak-R
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