foto Double Pleasure
NaamMarijn Heylen & Sam Bombeeck
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresclub, electro, funk, house, latin, progressive trance, techhouse
True to their two-fold prowess, Belgian breakouts Double Pleasure have proven two of Antwerp's fastest rising newcomers to challenge the ranks of EDM.
The collaborative identity of childhood friends Marijn Heylen and Sam Bombeeck, this mutual unification of talent, passion and a fearless industry appetite has made 2013 one of the most definitive years for this fast ascending duo that dares to different in the face of dance music's universal heyday.
In just two years, the duo has shifted its new school stripes with seamless stamina, forging a sound as infectious to the ears as it is refreshing at a time when the digital market needs a solemn wake-up call...
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