NaamAntonio Rotunno & Matteo Perego
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Bit Reactors is an Italian music project founded in 2011 by Blastek and Otto-Beat.
They came in touch with each other and decided to produce a 'versus track'. It was until later that they realized that together they had a good musical feeling and connection and so they decided to start a new adventure..
Bit Reactors was born.

This new electronic music project based on Frenchcore, Hardcore and Industrial also had the purpose to mix those styles with other influences like Dub Step, Drum 'n Bass, Reggae, Metal and Hip Hop. They often use guitars, female vocals and everything else that inspires them without any restrictions. Their goal is to create something completely new, in an aggressive & melodic style!
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Pandemonium · 15 Year Anniversary 8 Sporthallen ZuidAmsterdam
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Dycore aka erwin
Sowieso Bit Reactors ! :respect: !
Mister E
The best of them all
_­XX_­ Tam-Tam (L)
Frenchcore POWERR!! :respect:
Loveeeee BIT REACTORS, they are great!! <3

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Crazyy set @ Nocturnal :respect:
Great performance @ Frenchcore SVP pt. 3 _O_
what a hero's _o_
For me, the true definition of Frenchcore!
Bit reactor, actually the best frenchcore producer <3
Greatings from switzerland
damn just find you guys.. Losing my mind ^^ damn good song _O_
laatste aanpassing
Making some damn good tracks :D
Italian frenchcore :respect:
When will ur next gig be in Holland ?
Goddaaamn when you guys will come to Holland !! I love your sounds, you two are great !