NaamRenato Solleveld
Renato Solleveld aka "Renato S" is an DJ and Producers from the Netherlands and started when he whas 18 years old. Renato learned to perform really quick and for that reason he performed in the biggest clubs in the district he lives in. With his DJ'ing he creates a unique mix of Latin / Commercial and House Music. It doesn't matter if he warms up, plays at prime time or has to close the night because with a huge amount of music and lot of expierence he can do it all! Now after a few years "Renato S"standed alongside the biggest DJ's and producers in the DJ Scene. Names like: BLASTERJAXX, Quintino, Yellow Claw, Alvaro, Oliver Heldens, Artistic Raw, Gregor Salto, Tony Junior, Wiwek, La Fuente, Glow in the Dark and Shermanology are just a few of the names he played along side with.
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