Chelina Manuhutu
19 april 2021
NaamChelina Manuhutu
Functie111 × DJ
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreshouse, tech house, techno
partyflock chelinamanuhutu (15 jan 2012)


Chelina Manuhutu born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a DJ and Producer.

Without doubt one of the most exciting music exports Amsterdam has to offer these days. The Dutch-born Ibiza based producer and DJ Chelina Manuhutu is taking over the underground music scene through her groovy-powerful stream of high quality mixes.

Living and breathing music since her childhood, surrounded by a family of musicians and artists, it wasn't until 2011 -after ten years of high level modeling- when Chelina and the music became professionally bound to each other.

As they say, "True love never dies". Since then, she has carved out her own space as a top-notch DJ in the electronic industry moving to Ibiza where she is usual at some of the top clubs such as Pacha Ibiza or Blue Marlin, alternating her summer appearances on the island with one of the craziest touring schedules worldwide, lining up at some of the best festivals like Ultra musicfestival, elrow, and amazing and prestigious clubs all over the world.

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In Club Abe gezien en gehoord.....Ze snapt het clubgevoel!!!