Rob Black
19 mei 2023
NaamRob Zwart
Functie233 × DJ
Lid van groepenRob de Nice
vroeger: De Nachtbrakers
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreshouse, techno
partyflock Rob Black (29 jun 2011)


Soulful house music with a drippin' raw edge. That's the sound of Rob Black
to everyone who's already crossed paths with him at various premier
festivals in his home country. Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Dutchman
can count the likes of Dom Dolla <>, Green
Velvet <>, Paco Osuna
<> and many more as his supporters,
collected over a million streams on Spotify and even indulged in a few
crossover collabs with prominent names in the Dutch and international rap
scene. But as someone who's always looking to push onward and reinvent
himself, Rob Black has outgrown his initial hunting grounds, leaving him
with no choice but to impact the lives of dance music fans on an
international scale. And what better way to do so than with a renowned
house sound that's as authoritative and reliable as they come.

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