NaamTravis Allen
Functie12 × DJ
Lid van groepThe Wolves
HerkomstCuraçao Curaçao
WoonachtigNederland Nederland
Genresafro house


As a multi-talented artist based in Amsterdam, he always been drawn to the city's vibrant night scene. Travis started out as a stylist, but eventually, his interests shifted towards DJing and event organization. With the help of a good friend (Lema), he has learned the ropes and even started their own music label (From Paradise). The label saw great success, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to pivot and rebrand.
Seizing the opportunity to learn new skills, Travis picked up a camera and taught him photography and videography. Travis worked with a variety of artists and brands, including IAMDDB, Yung Dada, Kyara Shereen, and This is Lema. Now, with a wealth of experience under his belt, he's ready to take on even more ambitious projects. He's excited to start releasing his own music and handling all aspects of the creative process, from the music itself to the art direction.

As Travis Allen, an artist from Curaçao, he always had a broad range of music tastes...

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