foto Karimooo
NaamKarim Batoun
Genresbass, crossbreed, dancehall, drum & bass, dubstep, hardcore


Rasta Demon from outer space, part of Amsterdam based creative collective Vage Gasten. Loves to make mixtapes; 'Badman Killa Rastafarians From Space' and 'Death Star 3: Attack Of The Babylon Slayers' to name a few.

The reggae culture always had a very strong grip on Karimooo's musical interest. And you can hear that in his very diverse set. Merging drum & bass, reggae/dancehall, drumstep, crossbreed, dubstep, heavy metal, hardcore and crazy futuristic sounds.
Giving it an extra dimension by wearing his self made Rasta Demon masks.

With this diverse style Karimooo plays at drum & bass, dubstep, reggae/dancehall minded and hardcore gigs at clubs and festivals.

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Ricardo (:
held :respect:
Heldeng set op Qore:respect:

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Hij was eindbaas op 50 hurtz 3 feb 2012
Vette opener op Qore!