foto Julian Jeweil
NaamJulian Jeweil
Genrestechhouse, techno


Julian Jeweil, a french artist based in southern France and Berlin, found his signature sound through his various productions and live sets, all characterised by a melodic style of techno.
The adventure begins in 2007 when he releases his first hit "Air conditionné" which quickly ranks #1 in Beatport sales.
In 2010, Julian signs with two prestigious labels: Cocoon (Color EP) featuring Soho the #1 track of the techno top 100 and Plus 8 Records (Babou)
The same year, the Techno Corner EP is released with Form, his friend Popof's label and a remix is commissioned by Moby (Stay Down)...

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Zo! Enof dikke producties, hoopte hem te kunnen zien op ADE, jammer.­
Techno Corner!!
Kunnen de productie meesters misschien wat meer draaien?? Die gasten hebben altijd zo'n goede smaak dat kan bijna niet fout gaan op een party! Neem een Reset Robot of een Matt Star hallelujah!!!!!
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