Moradzo (foto)
NaamMorad El Ouakili
Lid van groepBassanova & Moradzo
Genresclub, eclectic, house, r&b, urban
By the underground-succes of 'Aranha', Moradzo (Morad El Ouakili) has become a serious player in the Dj-scene. In 2008 he got the inspiration to bootleg a track from the brazilian group 'Bonde Do Role', and turned the original sound into a Dutch- house edit, and suddenly it got credits, because the bootleg 'Aranha' was fully supported by the 'Crookers'.

Born and raised in Arnhem, Moradzo started his DJ-career in the local clubs of this city. When he was just twelve years old, his father started buying him vinyl with all kind of music on them. Two years later Moradzo got his first midikeyboard for his birthday, and his father realized that Moradzo now should develop his talents by taking music lessons.
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Moradzo is tha Bomb!!!!!!! :respect: