Silvahfonk (foto)
NaamCurtis van Ommen
Lid van groepRoyal & Raw
Genresdrum & bass, jungle
Silvahfonk his love for drum & bass began in the early 90's when he visited a drum & bass party for the first time in Nighttown, in his hometown Rotterdam.
The drum & bass and jungle from, Remarc, Doc Scott, Omni Trio, Goldie, Foul Play, Ray Keith & LTJ Bukem inspired him so much that he started to experiment with 2 turntables in 1996. He learned the tricks of the trade from Nubian, who was resident of the DJ Insane Jungle parties in Nighttown in that period.
Silvahfonk's first alias was "Energy", as his friends give him that name cause of his energetic personality and performance. It was so obvious that it became his trademark.
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