RiskSoundsystem (foto)
NaamMichael Richters
John Agesilas
Leroy Rey
Chocolate Brown
Ro Achterberg
FunctieDJ, soundsystem, groep
Chocolate Brown, Chocolate Brown
John Agesilas, John Agesilas
Leroy Rey, Leroy Rey
Mike Risk, Michael Richters
HerkomstNederland Ivoorkust
Born and raised in the Netherlands, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and several other countries, RISKSOUNDSYSTEM (RSS) have grown out to produce and play their own eclectic sound they like to call RealHouseMusic.

Driven by a strong longing for the true diverse spirit of dance music, initiator and founding member Mike Richters (of Club Risk fame) quickly gathered together some of his likeminded friends to start this fresh and innovative collective. Each of RSS' members comes from a musically diverse background, which you will find is reflected in their live performances and productions. They do not like to confine themselves to any boundaries...
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