foto Cik
NaamDavid Sankey
FunctieDJ, producer
Lid van groepvroeger: Arizona Hardcore Junkies
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genresdarkcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, terror
partyflock CIK (7 sep 2019)


CIK's career has blown up since the early ages of attending raves to becoming a rave promoter/DJ/producer. He has been causing world-wide destruction in the hardcore scene. David Sankey ( CIK) founded the Arizona Hardcore Junkies with Ryan Evans (DJ Spitfire) in 1996. He consistently keeps the debauchery growing to maintain the finest, most well known, west-coast-to-world-wide, household name. For over a decade, CIK has continued to bring his hardcore vibe to and still going strong.
CIK has played in dozens of states in the USA. In addition, he has also played many cites in The Netherlands – Purmerend, Appledoorn, Grootebrook, Wageningnen, Hillegom and Venray...

Uitgaansagenda Cik

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 25 oktober 2019: Hard Crowd, OT301, Amsterdam

4 waarderingen

You got the people going crazy! What a set and not met by others.­ You left, I did too
Nice performance at GZ 2010!
The Cikest man From AZ - Party Hard Homie !
Darker then dark! your the best

10 opmerkingen

Brilliant set at GROUND ZERO 2010 .­ Come back soon !
:respect: helemaal geweldig:D
Your AZH crew is really INSANE music ! Love it ;-)
Good selecta nigga !
I am your 100th fan ;-) Makes me very special ;-)
tenminste echte hardcore!
Insane artist !! top level !
when are you back in holland ? ground zero again this year on mainstage like 2 yearz ago ?