29 november 2023
Functie10 × DJ's, groep
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk 🇬🇧
Genreshard techno, techno


A young duo from Liverpool who won't settle until they are at the top with there evil, hardcore German style beats, hard kicks and ecstatic acid they are ready to Destroy the dance floor at any given opportunity!

The name Nineted originates from the 1700s and portrays the meaning of wickedness and incorrigibility which definitely defines this duo and there unique style.
The etymology is uncertain, A variation of benighted, which has a wonderful OED definition: "Overtaken by the darkness of the night"

This duo emits intense levels of energy like no other and live for techno with a big future ahead of them evolving fast in the techno world.
This year they have signed to Insane Industry Recordings with their unreleased tracks being supported all around the World by some of the biggest artists in the scene such as Nico Moreno, Dyen, Shlomo, Rebekah, Jacidorex, Dax J, Fatima Hajji, Charlie Sparks, Parfait, Doruksen, Cassie Raptor, Kozlov, Kander, Stan Christ, Pet Duo, BLK, Theo Nasa, Dion & You Saw Laurent & many more.

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