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NaamMichel Beuret
BeroepDj, Producer
Favoriete genresearly hardcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, terror
Lid sinds30 juni 2011 07:54
Laatst hier29 december 2014 22:44
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DJ Apathy

Born as Michel Beuret the 30 of November 1976. He got involved with djing in the late 1980ies in the hip hop scene.
He visited his first techno parties at the Schlotterbeck and Stuecki Club in Basel back in 1991.
Later on when the first Rotterdam tracks were played in the legendary Planet-E in Basel his passion for Hardcore was born, first Hardcore records were bought shortly after that and he started playing this crazy form of techno.
Influenced by the sound of Rotterdam and Industrial Strength, he kept on djing and organizing Hardcore parties for a couple of years in Switzerland, this went on till 1997, when the scene started going down the drain and the sound became cheesy he lost interest and left the scene for a couple of years thinking it won't get better.


Laatst bezochte feest was op zaterdag 16 december 2017: PRSPCT XL, Factory 010, Rotterdam
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