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Wie kent deze amerikaanse poker serie? Ik heb de eerste 5 afleveringen van seizoen 1 nu gezien, en ik vind het een geweldige serie :lief:



The famous poker player Don “The Matador” Everest (Michael Madsen) is holed up in the Colorado Casino in Las Vegas, where he’s so good that he has to cheat, intimidate, and occasionally murder people to stay a winner. Along the way he’s made some very dangerous enemies who try to POKER HIM TO DEATH. Or something like that. Eddie (Eddie Cibrian), Clark (Todd Williams), and Miami (Kristin Lehman) have all suffered in some way from losing sessions where the Matador took their money by cheating them, and now they’re trying to get revenge as a group managed by Seymour (Kenneth Welsh). Meanwhile Lee (Chris Bauer) is after the Matador for the murder of his brother. All this ought to make life pretty tough for Mr. Everest, but with almost the entire city of Las Vegas in his pocket, it may just be water off his back