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Underground House Movement has been an understanding in the harder styles in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for over 20 years. During the start of a long weekend and the end of the May vacation 2014 UHM will present the concept Basic Movements in a new refreshed style at Friday May 2nd.
A Freestyle Xperience like never been done before in the border region! From house till oldschool and from happy hardcore to hardstyle.

Even though it has been a more than succesfull introduction of the hardstyle event Madnezz in March 2013, this event cannot take place due to external circumstances this year. But there might also be an advantage, because UHM can present another concept to be at the Freestyle lovers beck and call, Basic Movements the Freestyle Xperience. A top production and Freestyle line-up with as desert some top entertainment will lift this night to a higher level.

The Mecc in Maastricht has been chosen for the launch of this concept, on which thousands of Freestyle lovers can go completely bzrk at the beats from:
-The Darkraver (Baco & Bitches – Pussy Lounge)
-Dr.Rude (Decibel - Daydream Festival)
-Zany (Hardbass - Alcatrezz Festival)
-Bass D (Mindcontroller – Dominator)
-Playboyz (The Qontinent - Defqon. 1 Festival)
-Pat B (Bassleader - Freestyle Academy)
-Buzz Fuzz (Dreamteam- Thunderdome)
-Freestyle Maniacs (HardClassics - Freestyle Maniacs)
-Potato (Basic Movements - Greenfields Festival)
-Raoul DKC (Free Festival - Heey!! We Want Some P***y)
-SpeakerFreakz (Ground Zero Festival - Hardclassics)
-Red Ace (Basic Movements - ClasSix)
Hosted by: Mc The Russian (Fusion Of Dance)

Duo tickets!
As introduction for this event, a very special Freestyle action has been come up with. With a duo-ticket you can party like never before with two people! These duo tickets are available as of now for only € 35,- ex fee!!
Are you 18 years or older? Make sure you’re there, together with your friend, girlfriend, brother, sister, partner and get your tickets now. Single tickets ofcourse are also available, but with your duo ticket you only pay € 17,50 each.

Do you really want to go out a night at its finest? Than buy your VIP ticket so you can lodge on the luxury VIP deck and enjoy foods and drinks unlimitedly. These tickets cost only € 95,- ex fee. But watch out, only limited amount available!
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