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Okay dan bij deze de onofficele EARLY TERROR topic, maar dan ook echt EARLY terrururuurururuor

hierbij een live set om in de stemming te komen, lets go back way back.

Akira ( early terror set ), tunnel of terror @ Mysteryland 2008 ->

en dit is de tracklist zoverre

0 mc Justice introduction Akira @ Mysteryland 2008 , tunnel of terror
1 Chosen Few To Dominate
2 dj Freak New York MF
3 The New York Terrorist Joint
4 Temper Tantrum Industrial Strength
5 Trashman Cosmotrash RMX
6 Terror Arnold Gabba Mission
7 dj Davyd Fuck Paris ( remix by Laurent Ho )
8 Nasenbluten Holy Arse
9 Nasenbluten Homicide
10 Nasenbluten Feeling Shit
11 Test Tube Kid Experienced
12 Temper Tantrum You're Going Down
13 The New York Terrorist Synester
14 D.O.A Hardcore Kidz
15 Xylocaine Street Sam
16 The Shaftmen Shaftman
17 E-de Cologne They'll Never Get Me
18 D.O.A N.Y.C. Speedcore
19 U.V.C No Reason For Sympathy
20 dj Freak & the Porridge Gun Natural Born Killa
21 Skullblower Tingle Bells
23 Laurence & Radium Untitled
24 Traffik The Druid
25 Laurence & Radium Easy Money (Remix)
26 Traffik Mind Meld
27 Animal Intelligence Symphonies Of Doom
28 Eracticator Streptocock Gee
29 Noize Creator Feeling Like De Niro
30 Fraughman Onslaught
31 Embolism Dead Ends
32 Netas Circus Mayhem
33 Passenger Of Shit Likking My Sperm Off A Pigs Cunt
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DJ Bart Hard @ Bunker Remember Party - VOID, Berlin 22 august 2015

early hardcore / early terror

Collective Strength - Family Affair
Bass Phase - Remember Hard Times At Bunker
Simstim - Freedom
Scarface - Death Is The Future
Riot Squad - Nonshlen Tustokken (Ode To Vortex) (DJ Gizmo Remix)
DJ Gizmo - The End Of The Beginning (Rockit Remix)
Mad Dog - White Dog
Ech Heftag! - Uit Je Dakkie
2H2H Crew - Ich Bin Ein Berliner
Dooms Day Machine - Mental Disorder
Loftgroover & The Maniac - Kneel Before Me (Watch Me Move Mix)
Reverend Jackson - The Chair
Eradicator - Us Against Us
R. Wagner - Zone Of Disaster
D.O.A. - You're Dead
DJ Dano - Terror Is Timeless
Leathernecks - The Harder, The Better
The Undertaker - You're Finished
W.H.P. - A Pitch Of XTC
The Speedfreak - T.S. Dick
E-De-Cologne - Zimboculture
Dano & Nu Sweat - Suckers
Stickhead - Gimme Death (I Like This Shit)
Disciples Of Belial - Torment Of The Bastard Nazarene
Total Terror Force - 3.33 Minutes Of Terror (Alaistair Crowley Mix)
Unknown Source - Fear Of The Unknown
Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights (Burn My Brain - Mix)
Delta 9 - Welcome To Hell
The New York Terrorist - Hellbound Terror
Taciturne - Mo Punk (RMX)
Embolism - Harsh Laxative
Anal Cunt - Living Death
Skrewface - Sexline
2nd Division Corp. - Dominator Revisited
Cybersonik - Jackhammer
Dr. Fernando! - ZPCK


to download this and more sets from Bunker Remember Party register on - go to Downloads - Mixe & Mitschnitte - Events & Partys - 2015 - 22.08.15_Bunker Remember Party @ VOID
Hardnoize @ Hard Force United 02-09-2015

1 Hardnoise- Untitled
2 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
3 Paula Abdul- Rush Rush
4 Nasenbluten- Urinal Fun
5 Static Tremor- Strobe
6 H.I.M.- White Sports
7 DJ Tron- Murder The World
8 Program 1- World's Hardest MF
9 Pyroteknix- Hard As %#!
10 White Breaks- White Line
11 Flamman & Abraxas- Drugs(Juggernaut Mix)
12 Mind Candy- Mind Destroyer
13 Boom Terrorism- Niet Mooi Maar Wel Hard
14 Rob Gee- Natas Is Counting
15 Omar Santana- Step The Fuck Back(Lenny Dee Mix)
16 Neophyte- Die
17 Somatic Responses- Warp Spasm
18 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
19 Mike Ink- Lovely, Ugly, Brutal World
20 Fucking Hostile- Fucking Hostile
21 Nasty Django- Hardcore Muthafucka
22 The Speedfreak- Fickmusik
23 Ingler- Erratum
24 Nasenbluten- Intellectual Killer
25 Hellfish- Rip The Cut
26 Hellfish- Techno City 2013
27 Akira- Mong Kok Breakz
28 Nasenbluten- Blows T' The Nose
29 Akira- Custom Grind
30 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
31 Hellfish- Boost The Dose
32 Lord Nord- W.O.R.M. Up
33 Three Bad Brothers- Too Strong
34 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
35 Run DMC- Sucker M.C.'s(Instrumental)
36 Delta 9- War
37 Hellfish & PE- Sack The Terminator
38 Stickhead & Don Demon- Demonhead
39 Overcast- I Will Attack
40 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
41 Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl
42 Embolism- Awakened
43 Animal Intelligence- True To The Game
44 Sonic Overkill- All About Core
45 Christ Of Noise- Blast The Bass
46 1210 Jazz- Present The Book Of Five Scratches: Book 2 Water

Nieuwe terror plaat gefabriceerd met early sound...
Hoi live mensen. Uit dit geniale setje zoek ik de platen op 5:30, 43:45 en 55:10. Iemand die ze ALS JE BLIEFT wil delen? Eventuel in privebericht? :$

Taciturne; Another Clue

on the scene of Leontin Voigt Abilgaard's - to some knowns as Taciturne - way too-early-suicide, one question remained: where were the olekrapp archives?
investigators could not find them even though they thoroughly checked everything on the event's scene.
rumors about 2 or 3 men entering his place shortly before this tragic happening spread fast. but, no matter how much energy was used for this investigation, the olekrapp archives remained not to be found. rumor was that even private and government agencies used some spare time to set some light into this; for whatever reason. but again, no result.
this all changed in late 2014. a corpse in a junkyard in toyko was found. this person looked like a mix between a rocker, a punk and a high tech engineer. some claimed it was Flavio Flavione, the professional agency killer. other's said it was Ivor Wadrolavski, a promising scientist, that was shunned by a post-soviet goverment, and indulged in private studies from then on, whose objective remained unknown.
but what made this case even more special, was that a plastic bag of chrome cassettes was found in his possession. when an ancient tape recorder was finally found in toyko, the content of the cassettes was transferred to modern computer systems. the officials, the scientists could not believe what they saw! it was the ole krapp archives.
for over a year, it was carefully avoided to leak any bit of these news and events to the outside press, and was just passed on by government and shadow-government officials alike. yet, for whatever cause, the repercussions soon set in. a fire bombing was attempted on the secret laboratory where the olekrapp cassettes were stored. scientists involved in this case were found hanging dead from monuments in tokyo. poisoned flowers were sent to the policeman that discovered the body first.
who was behind this? why were the olekrapp archives considered so special? what mystery did they hide, in their encrypted ways; a scientific breakthrough? a transdimensional message? a dark secret at the bottom of western civilization? who was involved in this; secret police, special agents, crime organisations, elite computertech groups?
another lead that was followed was the case of Yiyamoto Moto, the infamous japanese prodigy, who is supposed to have been a key factor in exchanging the mona lisa with a fake one inside the louvre; by being the painter, who painted the imitation, when being eight years old! could he also be responsible for forging the ole krapp archives on an emulated amiga? this, too, is not sure.
so, indeed not much is known - yet. but what is known, is that after these attempts at the destructions of the original tapes, the special agency saw only one solution; to make all the content available on the internet for a while.

Just to inform.....(H)

If some of Ya like a last minute trip to West France....
to a Town called Rouen
a club Called The Underground......
Seeing some of the most legendary Creators in Hardcore and Terror....
and offcourse a weird kid ended up on the same line-up (h)

Ten Tjek Dis Out (6)


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Uitspraak van Zen Master D [Tec-9] op donderdag 29 oktober 2015 om 23:39:
a weird kid

...called Tec-9...

Is toch allemaal van voor jouw tijd man. Heb je ze ervoor betaald ofzo, om er te mogen staan...?

Artiest Enforex
Tot volgende week mannen B|
Uitspraak van Zen Master D [Tec-9] op zaterdag 31 oktober 2015 om 17:43:
FF' een beetje pijpen toch (h)

Zonder gekheid Daan, je verdiend het. Je hebt het helemaal uitgespit, dat oude Franse beukwerk...

Echte toewijding!!!
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Vast wel liefhebbers voor hier, track gemaakt .. early terror style
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mijn laatste podcast voor Hard Force United :)

Hardnoize @ Hard Force United 03-12-2015

1 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
2 Chosen Few- Name Of The DJ/Hardnoise- Untitled
3 Chosen Few- Name Of The DJ(Speedfreak Mix)
4 The Speed Freak- Bury You
5 Technological Terror Crew- Purity Of Oblivion
6 Cyclopede- Bad Motherfucker/Juggernaut- Communism
7 Sons Of Aliens- So What!
8 Braindead- Braindead(Anasthasia Mix)/T99- Anasthasia
9 Painbringer- Words Of '95
10 Starbanger- Free Bee
11 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
12 Hellfish- Ultraviolence(Fist Of God Remix)
13 Hellfish- Hard As Steel
14 DeadSector- My Kinda Girl
15 Raw State- Bitch!
16 Max Death- A Bit Cloudy
17 Paula Abdul- Straight Up(Ultimix Mix)
18 The Teknoist-Poissoned 2003
19 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
20 Paula Abdul- Rock House
21 DJ Freak & The Porridge Gun- Natural Born Killa
22 RAM- Start The Panic
23 Geoff Da Chef- Quick Cup
24 Nasenbluten- Dermal Plating
25 Stickhead- Getting Crazy
26 Simon Harris- The Loop Of 88
27 Gangstar Toons Industry- Camel(Class-A Mix)
28 Traffik- Afraid Of The Dark
29 Christ Of Noise- Blowed Mind
30 Pilfernators- The Man With The Gun
31 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
32 Crash- What About A Fuckin' War?
33 Senical- Wanna Beat My Lover
34 Skull Blower- Nasty As Ordered
35 Paula Abdul- Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
36 Moleculez & Psykotropp- Psycoleculez
37 DJ Tense- AHS
38 DJ Freak- Fukk U
Goeie tip ej thanks.
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Artiest Cup-a-core

follow us :)

01- Walter Carlos - Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
02- Massdriver - Machinejive (Press Play On Tape)
03- Influid II - Push The Button
04- Overlords - Gimmie Some
05- Nasenbluten - Cuntface
06- Overcast - Get Alarmed
07- Three Bad Brothers - We Are
08- Akira vs Cameron - Lekker Kraken
09- Doormouse - For Mama's
10- Matt Fraktal - Star Wars
11- Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor
12- Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer
13- Nasenbluten - Race Against Time
14- Micropoint - Pterodactyl
15- Overcast - Attack
16- Speedyq's - Energy Speedway
17- Speedyq's - Boy Friend..!!
18- Speedyq's vs L.Condo - Al Tatone
19- Animal Intelligence - Mind Of A Maniac
20- Syndicate - Grim Reaper
21- Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction
22- Liquid Blasted - Rokkokore
23- DJ Enthrall & Angstorm - Extr. SOS
24- Katharsis - Jehova
25- Demoiselle Douce Innocence - Untitled
26- Micropoint - Armor Battle
27- Fracture 4 - Fear Of The Machine
28- La Foudre + Lawrencium - 22H
Uitspraak van Epistaxis op dinsdag 16 juni 2015 om 16:03:
Manu Le Malin
Laurent Hô
Liza 'N' Eliaz

Een beetje late reactie maar...whoa super vetttt :D:D kijk jij weet dingen!!

Maaru Manu le Malin heb ik niet zo veel mee eigenlijk...:(. Ik zag hem ook voorbij komen in een mandragore live set en dat was wel oke. Maar al het andere wat ik van hem hoor vond ik niet vet.

Maar dezeee gassssten :D:D:D:D:D en Mevrouw :yes: precies goed :yes:

Daar lust ik er eventueel wel meer van 8)
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Sorry ik neem mijn woorden terug over Manu :D die ouwuh mixjes gaan er wel in :) :). Ik had hem niet zo snel moeten opgeven en verder moeten zoeken haha :D

01 - Kyo_O - Apocalypse Era - Noise Factory LP01
02 - Geoff tha Chief - O.K. - Blown 03
03 - D.O.A. (Strychnine) - Ya Mutta - I.S. 024
04 - The Hedonist - talk Back - Bloody fist 08
05 - DJ Freak - Beyolder the Dream - B.E.A.S.T. 004
06 - Geoff tha Chief - Noise - Blown 01
07 - The Destroyer - Rave Is My Church - D-Boy 063
08 - Phonki - Angry - Crapshoot 09
09 - Geoff tha Chief - Angry - Blown 01
10 - No Name - Help - Fischkopf 016
11 - Xylocaine - L.M.G - Strike 10
12 - The Hardcoholics (Kyo_O) NATO Agressor - B.E.A.S.T. 012
13 - Delta 9 - War Machine - Epitheth 08
14 - Dj Freak - Getting High - Hard of Hearing 04
15 - Leeloo VS Dj Plague - Stick Them - C.S.R. 03
16 - The Crusher - The Crasher's Bassdrum - Headfuck 01
17 - Delta 9 - Here Ee Go Again - Praxis 23
18 - The Hardcoholics (Kyo_O) - Highspeed projet - D.Y.E 01
19 - U.V.C. - Half Dead - I.S. 042
20 - Leeloo - Moudjadin - Speecdcore 08
Oldschool style terror plaat gemaakt.. voor de liefhebbers!

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Disciples Of Annihilation-D.O.T.S.
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Da K-Klan-Activate ( Honey Child ) Torment 6
Cannibal DJ-The Beyond
for sale or swap .. brand "new" Fischkopf t-shirt .. size L .. PM me ;) LIMITED 50 pieces :) !!!!
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Bakalla - Das Grosse Kotzalbum SSDCD001

Label: Sigma Sigma Delta
Year: 1996-2002
Genre: Gabber/Terror/Speedcore
Quality: 320 kbps mp3

01 Bakalla - Das Grosse Kotzalbum
02 Bakalla - Recall
03 Bakalla - Grau Tukka
04 Bakalla - Haven´t Seen
05 Bakalla - His Good Servants
06 Bakalla - Your Last Day In Town
07 Bakalla - I Bring Up The Terror
08 Bakalla - Mitnick
09 Bakalla - Rawpack
10 Bakalla - Research Intelligence
11 Bakalla - What Is Justice?
12 Bakalla - My Way
13 Bakalla ft. Dr. L - Braini Maya

Rottencore releases his first CD/Cassette Album.
Gabber up your ass.
Uitspraak van Destino op maandag 12 september 2016 om 11:46:
Rottencore releases his first CD/Cassette Album.
Gabber up your ass.

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Kniteforce Remastered: Rarities (JKF05) (incl. Nasenbluten Remix)
No New Style!!! Compilation Vol 1, free mp3 release


01.Uri – Nacrophelia
02.Acid-X - New World
03.Dj Kobe – Dance with us
04.Mindfaker & KCMA – Get back
05.Animal Intelligence – Now You Know (Dj Kobe vs SpeedFolter cheapcore rmx)
06.X-Cell 02 & Industrial Darkness – Appetite For Destruction
07.Mordekaiser – Satisfaction
08.CYP450 – Near Death Experience
09.SpeedFolter – Distort the Ho
10.Terrorbunny – Back To The Gabba [Dedicated to Maria R.]
11.Dj Kobe meets Hiperactive-D – You can’t stop
12.Hellcreator – Fuck em to death!


13.Enforex – Gabbers United Anthem 2015
14.Lenz – Suck my balls
15.Tsabosch – Gib mir die bass (Massive fuckup by Hyperactive-D & Crytalshock)
16.Lord Terror – Destroyed by Acid (Live recorded @ Basebunker)
17.HCM – Let’s Go Haggeneige (Liquidators RMX)
18.Hellcreator – Cold Blood Killer
19.Low Entropy – Arkanoid Remix
20.Rotjeknor-Core – Stop Killing The Dead
21.Hellcreator – La Maffia
22.HCM – Body movin (in a wooden box)
23.Silver Black meets HCM vs Dj Kobe – Obscure Theory
24.s8n – Do You Suck Dicks!releases/c1l1j

A - Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor (Live Mix) (1994 / previously unreleased)
B - Nasenbluten - My Stines Make Gas (1995 / previously unreleased)
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Intro by Queen Christie
1 B.B.E. - Flash
2 Delta 9 - Dusted
3 The Destroyer - Street Fuckers '03 (Drokz & Tails Old School Terror Mix)
4 Matt Green - Retaliate
5 Coffeecore - It's For Fun (Drinkin'Coffee)
6 Cut.A.Kaos - Bassdrumsz
7 Master Mind - Noise Solution
8 Raw State - Rock That
9 Creatures Of The Occult - Terrorheads
10 D.O.A. - Total Annihilation
11 Moleculez - Banshee Dance
12 Drokz - Like This And That
13 DJ Loky (The Hardcoholics) - Fistfuckers
14 Justice - Back 2 The House Of Pain
15 Radium - HLM Industries
16 S.R.B. - Satanic verses
17 Matt Green - My New harddrive
18 Drokz & Tails - Speed
19 Noisekick - Shit From The Underground
20 D.O.A. - N.Y.C Speedcore
21 The Destroyer - Test The DJ
22 Coffeecore - Sugarcube Part 2
23 DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror III
24 Akira - 8 bit, No Shit (D&F Remix)
25 Nasenbluten - Trench Warfare
26 M1dy - Gyokusai
United Gabba Alliance Records stands for the oldschool sounds of the Hardcore 90's
we search for oldschool Gabba from Hardcore to Terror & Speedcore

Hartcore Zentral

01 –DJ Epistaxis Hardcore Systems
02 –Donar (4) Ode To Da Ruffnecks
03 –Low Entropy Strangeness Minus Three
04 –Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker Trauma
05 –Abberation Old Spice Celts (Speed Mix)
06 –Arcid Gabber Ressurection
07 –Hellcreator & Acidious Lost On Eden
08 –Xqruciator Speaker Attack
09 –Damage Analyse & Emiciated Different Mindset
10 –DJ Freak Fuck Being Cool
11 –Tha Basthard Blood
12 –DJ Kobe (3) Don't Look At Me (X-Cell 02's Trance Remix)
Remix – X-Cell 02
13 –Tha Basthard Where's My Dolly? (Early Mix)
14 –J.F. Core Darkness Ascending
15 –Co (10) Foki
16 –Hellcreator Heat Seeker (Porco Dio Mix)
18 –Darkside9878 Demon Gabber
19 –Hakkemasta Activate
No New Style compilation Part 2, early hardcore, terror & speedcore producers wanted

I am part of a Italian hardcore parties organization... and we do a mp3 compilation once a year. We were wondering if you like to contribute a song...? If yoy have a submission you can contact HCM (Simone Mambaretti) or Lars Poulussen

No New Style facebook group --->
Lars Poulussen -->
Simone Mambretti --->
Terrornoize Industry is back:
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