Ritual Rave

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Ritual Rave
2 april 2024
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Line-up Ritual Rave

techno, hardcore, hard techno
· live Nederland techno, dubstep
· live Italië techno, hip hop, hardcore
Italië techno
· live Frankrijk techno
In the tranquil expanse of the moon's silent craters lies the fabled Lunar Labyrinth, a mysterious maze whispered about among celestial wanderers. Within the labyrinth's walls, time seemed to warp and shift, echoing the ancient rhythms of the cosmos. Its twisting passages hold secrets untold, drawing adventurers like moths to a cosmic flame, beckoning them to explore the enigmatic depths where time dances with the shadows of the lunar night.

We are Ritual Rave, a community dedicated to preserving and reviving the essence of dance as a ritual. Our mission is to transport individuals back to the roots of communal celebration and self-expression through the power of underground music.
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