London Unlocked

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London Unlocked
8 april 2021
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Line-up London Unlocked

zo 19:00 - 20:00:  · band 🇬🇧 techno, rock
zo 20:00 - 20:45:  🇬🇧 techno
zo 20:45 - 21:30:  🇬🇧 drum & bass


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fabric Presents: London Unlocked

A series of streams from London’s most iconic spaces, with the UK’s leading electronic artists

We are delighted to announce a new live performance streaming series, London Unlocked, in partnership with Arts Council England. Launching 14th March, streaming every Sunday across seven weeks, we will be unlocking some of London’s most iconic cultural spaces and raising funds for the Music Venue Trust to support struggling arts venues around the country.
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