Spacey Sundays

flyer Spacey Sundays
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Het Magazijn (binnen) op de kaart Site
Grote Markt 10
Den Haag

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Line-up Spacey Sundays

België hardcore, techno
drum & bass, hardcore
27Facebookbezoekers @ 23 juni 2020
131Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 23 juni 2020
197Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 4 september 2020
The Outerspace crew is back!
As the club scene remains in hibernation while we patiently wait for this virus to pass, we’re trying out something new. We're temporarily transforming Het Magazijn's basement into a space where we can connect with you again. Not by getting too close, but through what we know best: music.

For this first official edition from Outerspace Events in this setting we invited Stefan ZMK, who has been a long time friend of ours, and definitely knows how to take you on a musical journey through outer space! Support by DJ Ignite.
This will be a very special setting with limited capacity!
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