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Line-up Loco Movement

house, techno, trance, psy
Italië techno
71Facebookbezoekers @ 8 december 2020
372Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 8 december 2020
44.4Appicgemiddelde leeftijd
44.4Appicleeftijd mediaan
T78 a.k.a Manuele Tessarollo is an Italian producer with an intensive background in the music industry. This can be heard by his unique approach to Techno, combined with outstanding production quality and his energetic on stage performances, which made him rise rapidly into the scene.

In January 2020, T78 had 10 tracks flying around in the Beatport Techno top 100, claiming the #1 spot with ‘Hardcore’ which was released on Filth on Acid. This wasn’t an exception as the entire 2019 his releases had high entries in the techno charts, staying and re-entering regularly, which made him overall #10 of bestselling Techno artist for Beatport that year!
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