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house, techno
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1405Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 5 september 2019
Summertime at OOST? That’s one party a week, every week. So let’s make it count. Be it sun-kissed grooves for a steaming dance floor or heavier fares for wild summer nights, it’s always with wonderful company, earnest DJs and a free guest list spot for everyone who attends the event on Facebook.

More friends in the booth, more friends! Again we invite three guys who know each other and their respective music tastes like the back of their hand. Christian, Gerard and Boris have a pure passion for House and playing together that we greatly adore. Recently this lead to their first - and quite the outrageous - Clubnacht Special. Let's do that again. On a hot and heavy July night. Kom OOST.
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