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Oosterbar (binnen) op de kaart Site
Mauritskade 57

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Line-up & Timetable Generation Spuistreet

23:00 - 01:00:  house
01:00 - 02:30:  house, techno
02:30 - 04:00:  techno
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Time to celebrate the birth of a new generation - or rather, an out-of-control project of five friends. Experience the best of Spuistreet Records in the Oosterbar on the 19th of April. This basement, located next to Generator hostel, proves to be a very suitable location for our birth. Cozy, dark and humid, just like a womb. Come cut the proverbial umbilical cord! Festivities include bass-driven bangers and possibly some hanging upside down from the ceiling. It's going to be good, if you follow the rules.

Ticket sale starts soon.
̶y̶o̶u ̶d̶o̶n'̶t ̶w̶a̶n̶t ̶t̶o ̶b̶e ̶o̶n ̶o̶u̶r ̶g̶u̶e̶s̶t ̶l̶i̶s̶t
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