ISN introduction First Party

ISN introduction First Party

ISN introduction First Party (flyer)
georganiseerd door Exchange Party Amsterdam Site
Odeon op de kaart Site binnen
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On January 30 the ISN introduction is starting, three days of fun activities,workshops and great parties to ensure your first week in Amsterdam will be an unforgettable one. The opening party of the introduction will take place in Odeon, a beautiful club in a heritage listed building on the canals. Odeon is the home of our exchange parties, which are hosted a few times in every semester, and are a guarantee for an amazing night out!

People who have joined previous introductions, people on an Erasmus internship, international students and basically everyone who is looking for a great party: Everyone is welcome to attend! Tickets are available for 5 euro’s online!

(Entry is free for participants of the ISN introduction)