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Motormouth Recordz
22 januari 2014
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Factor Club (binnen) op de kaart
Kraanplein 6

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Line-up Motormouth Recordz

Schotland hardcore, hard techno
hardcore, hard techno
drum & bass
Schotland hardcore
· live hardcore
· live drum & bass, hardcore
Verenigd Koninkrijk hardcore
Schotland hardcore
techno, hardcore
75 / 12·mannen / vrouwen
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KKNTS! & Twisted present: MOTORMOUTH RECORDZ · Label Night · Belgium Edition.

This famous label from Scotland, UK will set foot in Belgium for the first time. The first footprints in European mainland will be set in the Factor Club, Bruges.

The line-up will be created with Motormouth Recordz names, as Motormouth Recordz stands for quality music, we will stand for a quality night!
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Motormouth Recordz - Label Night · Belgium Edition. f:hard2

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Ben eens benieuwd ^^
Werkzaam bij KKNTS!
For the ones who have no idea what Motormouth Recordz stands for, the youtube channel. Countless pleasure for your ears and lots of space to start dreaming of a possible line-up!
laatste aanpassing
The next name for Motormouth Recordz ! Please welcome:

· Relapse [ENGLAND,UK]
(Motormouth Recordz)

Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 139117, 77270}
Jammer dat KRTM er niet meer zal bij zijn!
Wel benieuwd naar alle namen!

Uitspraak van KKNTS! op dinsdag 14 januari 2014 om 19:48:
Tripped [BELGIUM]

[KRTM] was eigenlijk de bedoeling maar aangezien hij gestopt is geen optie meer :)
Maar der komt nog veel moois aan !
laatste aanpassing
KRTM gestopt? Sinds wanneer dan wel?
Uitspraak van The ManiaQ op vrijdag 17 januari 2014 om 09:40:
KRTM gestopt? Sinds wanneer dan wel?

I am really grateful for being part of this project since 2008.
But I'm sorry to tell my fans the following.
I will not accept any bookings anymore or make more contributions to KRTM.
I won't work on KRTM for the sake of stretching the career.
Unless I'm capable of making good work.
Everybody can understand this.
Nevertheless, I will continue my journey as a musician and visual artist to the fullest.

These are the last two KRTM gigs:
25.01.14 Antwerp / BE
20.04.14 Lyon / FR

Keep an eye on 'Kaszimir' & 'Hustin Zieber'.
Whatever I will do to express myself, my approach to any medium will always be 'hardcore'.
This was a hard dicision to make. As five years of my life were dedicated to this project.
But I'm glad it's communicated.
Thanks to Francis Jaques (Tripped), Richard Koek (Drokz), Masters of Hardcore, Al Innes (Motormouth Records), Industrial Strength Records, X-Fly (Headfuck Records), Igneon System (with lots of organisations), Sandy Warez (Footworxx), Dieter Fiems (Footworxx), Spookane (Lost Frequency and Future Sickness), Peter Nitschke aka Stormtrooper, Sebastien Janssens aka Khaoz Engine, The Massacre (Terrornoize Industry), Homeboy (Nekrolog1k), the Noisybastards crew, and hell a lot more of people I don't remember clearly right now.
Thanks to everybody who've helped me out and supported me in this scene. And off course thanks to all fans for your genuine appreciation.

I hope to see you in Belgium or France very soon!
Casimir Desmet
Ahzo; bedankt voor de update, wist ik nog niet!
The next Motormouth Recordz name are rising Belgian stars: Keep your ears open for:

· Existh [BELGIUM]
(Motormouth Recordz)

laatste aanpassing door een beheerder
looking forward to this party :D cannot wait to be back playing in Belgium again :D
Our next Motormouth Recordz names are our KKNTS! residents:

· Brainwash & Fester [BELGIUM]
(Motormouth Recordz)

laatste aanpassing door een beheerder
Our next name for Motormouth Recordz created the label and made this all possible, a big big welcome for:

· Al Twisted [SCOTLAND,UK]
(Motormouth Recordz)

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2 Motormouth Recordz Label Night Promo mixes! By Existh & Khaoz Engine!

Artiest Fester
Twisted's Darkside Podcast 187 - Brainwash & Fester - Motormouth Recordz Belgium Label Party Mix #3