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Waarom?Daarom! is a concept by DJ Superior. The name is commonly used by Dutch people meaning "Why? Because!" which DJ Superior would frequently use. One day he woke up and made himself a Waarom?Daarom! T-Shirt which caught people's attention real fast, so out of that 1 T-shirt, 10 were made, then 50 and at this moment there are over hundreds of T-Shirts known to be walking around in the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, Suriname and even in the US.

Real soon after he realized the hype & interest in Waarom?Daarom! he made it a Club concept. On September 7th of 2012 was the kick off in Club LIVV Rotterdam. After three editions Dj Superior was approached by The Third Floor (Mysterious) for a collaboration to host the Urban / Eclectic Area of Mysterious so on December 1st of 2012 Mysterious's Urban / Eclectic Area in the Maassilo Rotterdam became DJ Superior's Waarom?Daarom! It was a major success with a sold out Maassilo filled with 5,000 party people and therefore more dates followed.

On July 26th of 2013 DJ Superior was invited by Club Private in Willemstad of the beautiful Island Curacao for a WAAROM?DAAROM! night at their Club. That too was a major success and the T-Shirts spread swiftly!

The concept of Waarom?Daarom! is nothing is a must but everything is allowed...whatever makes you happy and comfortable! It's all about party people getting together to have a good time!

"There is no dress code...there are no rules...there are no expectations except for you to party till you drop to the best Urban / Eclectic sounds!"


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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 26 april 2019: Superior's Bday Blowout, Hospitality Club, Rotterdam
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