2 augustus 2023
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'Pax Romana' means Roman peace. A special period in human history which lasted about two-hundred years in which peace, wealth and freedom were highlighted. Pax Romana paved the way for society as we know it today. During this era culture was free to develop and grow, your sexual orientation could come into its own and nudity was combined with heaps of partying and rituals. The thought process behind it was; you do what you want with whom you want, anything and everything is allowed. The Romans were the greatest celebrants of life that history has ever known. Until now.
The ideology during the Pax Romana has inspired us to translate this concept to our PAX-parties. During Pax Romana we share - as a singular collective - love and passion for the underground music, self expression, culture and most of all each other. The PAX-dance floor offers a way to protest, to unite, to celebrate and of course to express our identities.

Uitgaansagenda PAX-ROMANA

Laatste feest was op zondag 22 oktober 2023: CODA, Lofi, Amsterdam


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