Cris-H from drummer to DJ!

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Cris-H from drummer to DJ!
25 oktober 2022
Where are you in the world and how are things with you today?
Most years I usually I try to spend the festive period in southern Spain but this year for a change I decided to remain in Amsterdam. I am good, thanks for asking.

Is a quick background as an artist, is it true you were originally a drummer in a band in England?
Yes, back in the late 80s and 90s, I was a drummer in a couple of semi-successful hard rock bands, think of Bon Jovi, Whitesnake style. We used to tour around the UK and I was lucky enough to played at many famous UK venues including the Marquee club in London, Hammersmith Apollo. During these days I was totally into the rock scene so I had super long hair and went for the Rock star image

Does the drumming experience assist you as a DJ?
Being a drummer, it was all about the rhythms and keeping the beat for the band. Part of DJing is all about the beat, so it has a lot of similarities except drumming was far more physical, especially with my set up which comprised of a double bass drum kit.

How do you get into dance music?
It was in the early 00s, when I moved to the seaside town of Bournemouth in the UK. This was very much a party place with many big clubs and parties happened due to its large student population and the summer tourists. Some of my friends were very much into the party scene, so naturally I tagged along and got hooked on the music.

Please describe the transition from clubber to DJ recently and what were your initial experiences making your debut playing at the legendary Club NL in Amsterdam?
It had been on my mind to try my hand at DJing for many years, so a few years ago I decided to take the plunge , I brought some decks and with a few lessons from some friends, my DJing took shape. After many hours of practice my sound and style began to form into the DJ I am now. It was a big step to making my debut at Club NL and thanks to the owner for giving me a chance to play. Performing again in front of a crowd is such great exerience, I realized how much I missed it and I can say I totally love it.

You are one of those DJs who is making waves in 2022. Where have you played this year and how has this year been for you?
Thank you for the compliment. This year could not have gone any better for me to be honest and has exceeded my expectations. We started the year in covid lockdown with all clubs shutdown and now I will be finishing it playing to pack house at Club NL – total opposite.

I feel I have been very lucky and had the privilege and opportunity to play alongside some fantastic DJs in the industry this year including Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, Miss Melera, Dmitry Molosh, Luke Brancaccio and Paul Sparkes to name a few. I even made my ADE debut on the Selador label night.

Please tell our readers what technology you use in the DJ booth.
For me it is just about Pioneer equipment at the moment. I have played on everything from the all-in-one systems right up to the latest CDJ3000s and DJM-V10. I find I can quickly and easily adapt to the different equipment put in front on me.

You are a versatile DJ, playing a range of sounds from disco, early warm ups sounds to full on progressive. Please describe your sound to our readers and what they can expect from a Cris-H set.
My main passion to play is progressive house, deep house, melodic house but as you state you cannot play this all the time.
You have to adjust the music to the time of your set, what the theme of the party is and also to fit in with the other DJs you are playing alongside. You mentioned disco, this is fun genre to play and I have played at a couple of parties where I was booked specifically to play a disco inspired set, these sets are great fun to play, nothing beats the groove of 70s disco music. I think playing different styles and genres expands your experience and opens you up to new ideas.

You are back at Club NL in Amsterdam for New Years Eve with Brian S, Roog and Paul Sparkes. Tell our listeners a bit about the night please.
Yeah, this is great to be asked to play on such a big night as NYE alongside 3 very talented international DJs. I have known Paul for many years and he is great friend of mine, so I am looking forward to sharing the decks with him. Overall it promised to be great night , with top quality music from the very beginning when Roog will kick off the night.

You promoted the Seladoria ADE event at Boom Chicago in October with Dave Seaman and the Selador crew. How was it organizing such a huge lineup, and do you have plans to work with the Selador guys again?
Yes, Casa Productions was given the opportunity to work in a partnership with Selador records. Our first venture together was the ADE night at Selador. This was a big step up for both organisations in terms of size and production scale. There was a lot of elements involved and it was tremedous amount of effort to put the event on. But it was all worthwhile, the production with the video screens and lighting, the dj line up and the crowd all came together to make a truly awesome event.

This event has formed the basis for a great relationship between Casa and Selador and in 2023 we plan to do something special together again.

2023 is around the corner- what do you have lined up in terms of DJ gigs and promotions.
2022 was a great year, next year Casa Productions intends to build on the momentum we have built up from this year. Already we have a few events being up with some big names including Nicolas Rada, Darren Emerson and many others. We are also looking at expanding out into different countries. Please like the Casa Productsion and Cri-H social media pages to stay informed of future things we do. 2023 will be a big year.