Miss Isa about making music: "It makes me happy and it really boosts my energy"

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Miss Isa about making music: "It makes me happy and it really boosts my energy"
5 oktober 2022
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She is the youngest harder styles DJ and started attending lessons at DJ School Amsterdam when she was only 9 years old. She wanted to do something together with her dad because they both love music. She tried different styles but loved playing Raw Hardstyle the most. Find out more about Miss Isa!

Music makes Miss Isa happy and it really boosts her energy. "I think I enjoy playing for other people the most, for example playing on stage or going live on social media. I also really like creating different sets. Or random freestyling in my room!" The youngest harder styles DJ says. The fact that she is the youngest harder styles DJ makes her kind of proud. "I'm getting to know many nice people at such a young age and it's cool to be able to go backstage. However, I would like to have some more gigs. And I would really like to go into the crowds too. Because of my age, I'm not allowed yet."

Miss Isa got to know this kind of music because of her father. Furthermore, she really looks up to people like Miss K8, Mish, Cryex, and many more. "Their songs are good and they also mix really nicely. They have hard tracks with nice and catchy melodies and I like that!" Miss Isa says.

That she is only 12 years old doesn't mean she didn't experience some milestones already. Miss Isa had her first big performance in Haarlem during Bevrijdingspop this year. "I really enjoyed that everyone reacted so positively to it!" Furthermore, she looks forward to the future of her career. She dreams of playing at Defqon.1 on the Red Stage, "I would really like it if so many people know my own music and like my mixing."

Recently Miss Isa started with production lessons. "I hope to release my own tracks somewhere next year!" She says. We can't wait for what this young talent has in store for us!