Anthony pappa back to normal

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Anthony pappa back to normal
6 oktober 2022
Hi Anthony, thank you for speaking to Partyflock. How are things with you today?
I'm great thank you. Very happy to be talking to you.
It seems we are well and truly off and running after the slowdown during the last two years. How does it feel to be back on the road? 
It feel's great for the world to be returning back to life as we know it and to see people out and about enjoying themselves and going to music events again. I live in Melbourne in Australia and my city had the longest lockdown recorded than any other city in the world. So it's great to be on the road again.
Where have you played recently and how was playing to large audiences again? 
I have recently come home from a big tour around Europe. I played in many countries. The highlight of the tour for me was playing at Extrema Festival in Belgium. There was a very large crowd there of 40,000 people each day over 3 days. This festival and connection with the people was just what my soul needed after all the lockdowns and not being able to travel internationally for 2 years due to Covid.
You are literally one of the most travelled DJs on the planet. Please tell the readers where the top places to play are right now?
I am very fortunate to have travelled all over the world as a DJ. My favorite place to play and is still the top place to play is Argentina.
You are on the road so often, but you also play in your native Australia. Please tell our readers a bit about the scene there.
We have a very healthy club and festival scene here in Australia. I enjoy playing to my home crowd. I recently started my own club night event called Invite Only where l invite other artist's of my choice to play all night long alongside me.
In the studio, you are absolutely prolific. Your musical input is currently dominating Selador's top 10 Beatport chart with tracks such as Here We Go and Where We've Gone. How did these releases come about, and what is it like working with Jamie Stevens when you are on the road so frequently?
It's an absolute dream come true working with Jamie Stevens. He is such a talented producer and more importantly a very good friend. Jamie and l both live in Melbourne so it made sense that we put our heads together to work on our collaborations. We both have busy schedules but we find the time to make it work. My long time friend Dave Seaman, knew that Jamie and l were working on some new music to which Dave said "please let me hear what you've done once it's ready". I sent the tracks over to Dave and he ended up signing them to Selador.
We all enjoyed your Seladoria live stream during lockdown, featuring an amazing backdrop of visuals, and a stellar sellection of tunes from yourself. What is it like doing a stream and how is it different from a live set?
Doing live streams during Covid times and in the lockdowns is what saved me and kept me going. I had never done a live stream in my life so the whole thing was a massive learning curve and l threw myself into the deep end. At first when doing the early streams l found it all a bit stressful and a lot of hard work went into each production. I think l got a bit carried away with them at first by rearranging all the furniture in the house and turning my living room into a nightclub. The streams got easier the more and more l did them and l think l did around 80 or so over the Covid period. It gave me something to look forward too and it was also a good way to keep on top of the amazing music that was continually being released even though we couldn't play out in clubs. I also found that my live streams was a good way of bringing our community together and helping people's mental health in these challenging times. By the time l did the Seladoria stream l had kind of got the hang of it by then, so it was great to be able to take the home production up a notch with green screen technology and overlay the amazing visuals provided by Seladoria.
You are back in Amsterdam after rocking Club NL a few months back. This time you will head up the Seladoria ADE event. Please tell our readers what to expect at this amazing event at Boom Chicago on Thursday 20 October with Dave Seaman and the Selador crew.
I am happy to be returning back to Amsterdam for the second time this year. I am also very excited to be playing a back to back set with Dave Seaman which we have done together many times before. You can be guaranteed to expect a lot of amazing new music and a high level energy from us on the decks - not to mention the fantastic visuals that Seladoria have in store for the event.
Thank you Anthony for your time today and for speaking to Partyflock!
You are very welcome. See you soon at Seladoria ADE.
Casa Productions presents Seladoria ADE at Boom Chicago on Thursday 20 October with Dave Seaman, Steve ParryLuke BrancaccioMiss MeleraPaul Sparkes and Cris-H.