Pan-Pot: true teamplayers

Pan-Pot: true teamplayers

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Pan-Pot: true teamplayers (afbeelding)
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Even though, or maybe especially because your sound is not exactly easy to pigeon-hole, people have always tried to find a proper name for it. Critics have written that you are blurring the lines between Techno and House and that your music also contains a good portion of the characteristic Minimal-Techno from Berlin. Are you comfortable with those labels - or if not, how would you describe what you are doing musically in your productions and live sets?

Tassilo: That labels our style quite well. We come from Minimal-Techno and still love that sound, but at our gigs we also like to show a wider range from House to Techno. It also depends on where and when we play. At a beach party or the small Watergate water-floor you can expect a more Tech-House focused set where at festivals or bigger stages we like to bang it out with more Techno.
Thomas: And of course if we play for more than three hours it is good to use different styles to develop a set and make it Exciting. It also depends on the tracks that are released and that we like.

Could you tell us a little bit about your roots, the first records you ever bought, the first concert you went to, the first moments of being completely thrilled by an artist, band, song, track or album? Anything really, any key-moment that made you think 'I want to be involved with music - more than anything else in the world'?
Thomas: First tape (!) was a Thunderdome tape from a polish market in Northern Germany. When I was a teen my musictaste was a little bit different. But it was always electronic music.
Tassilo: My first record ever was "Midfield General - Coatnoise", one of my favorite Techno classics. But actually my passion for electronic music started way later than Thomas'. I was addicted to Hip-Hop until the age of 18/19 and I didn't like Techno at all. Then I started working in clubs and also started DJing and everything changed with the music from International DJ Gigolos. Music from DJ Hell, Miss Kittin but also Jeff Mills sucked me up into the Techno universe. Those days in my hometown when I had the first contacts with Techno were so intense that I couldn't name one single key-moment - this whole time was key-moment for me.

You get massive praise and support from some of the biggest players in the scene. Are there any artists who now give you credit, who you were admiring and looking up to when you started to make music? And is there an artist or act you would just love to share the booth or stage with one day?
Tassilo: We do? Of course any kind of positive feedback and credit is great, especially from other artists and producers, who also play our tracks. But equally important is the feedback of the people that come to the clubs and our gigs. To be honest I don't really like this whole idol thing. We do all this with passion and because we like being on stage and hang out with people. Mainly we always want to share the booth with our crowd, seriously we prefer to not be alone in the booth.

I read in your bio that your close relationship with Mobilee records started with an 'ill-fated party' for which you had booked Anja Schneider. I am sure many people have been wondering about those – in retrospect – 'fortunate circumstances'. Would you mind sharing a bit more about this event?
Thomas: At the beginning we had very few booked gigs but wanted to play more so we figured out that we have to throw our own events. Anja and her music was always on top of our list so we booked her to one of our first events. The party was not 'that well visited' but that gave us the time and opportunity to talk to Anja and Ralf Kollmann.
Tassilo: And while speaking to them we saw that we share the same ideas and taste in music and shortly after an EP of ours was released on Mobilee records. The label was just founded and this was their second release.

One thing I always admire when I see you perform, is that you are true team-players. There is a really nice flow between the two of you and I was wondering if there has been a particular moment when you felt this chemistry for the first time, or a moment when you finally said 'no doubt - we are in this together'?
Thomas: I felt it when we were drinking the first Cuba Libre together. This was the point were I knew there is someone with the same taste like me haha. Honestly! I can't remember one moment really, it has always been like that.
Tassilo: Well I definitely know where this moment was. At the SAE institute (our audio engineering school) in a very, very, very small midi studio. We were programming beats and the sound system was maxed out already and every 5 minutes someone came in complaining. Only our pretty cool teachers had fun watching us through the window while we were head banging to techno bass drums.

You have dedicated your lives quite early to music and have followed your goals consequently. Now you are playing all over the world at some of the best clubs and festivals for major crowds and they tend to go completely wild with your music. Have you reached a point of contentment, a point where you feel completely satisfied, or are you still hungry? Do you still have unfulfilled dreams when it comes to your profession – and if so, would you mind sharing some of them with us?
Tassilo: Still hungry, still unfulfilled dreams and still not satisfied at all. Hereby I need to say, I don't wanna be satisfied as this would make me stop reaching out for more. We have many things in the pipeline: music, projects, networks, ideas and places we want to go to.
Thomas: Tassilo is right!

You are playing on the VOID festival on new year's eve. We are sure you had various offers for this date, please tell us why you chose this new festival as the final celebration of this highly successful year?
Thomas: When somebody tells us that Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Extrawelt and Karotte are on the bill there is not much doubt that we want to be there too. We have shared so many great gigs with all of them and know them so well, that this will be an amazing reunion with lots of people we call our friends by now.
Tassilo: We are nicely connected with CLR and it fits in our tour schedule also pretty well as we will head to Amsterdam afterwards.

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