Speedcore Worldwide Flock 1000 Members!

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The Speedcore Worldwide Flock just reached 1000 members!! :D
Congratulations to everyone! (f) :D

The flock is growing more and more,
Thanks to everyone! (f)

We are one of the most populair flocks!
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Special thanks to:
-DJ Plague (for inviting friends)
-DJ Smurf (for inviting friends)
-The Vizitor (for inviting friends)
-Noizefucker (for inviting friends)
-GekkeWous (for being super active :) and chat moderator)
-Giuly (for being super active :) and chat moderator)
-All the other active members!



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1589 b)
hey this is cooooool!!!!!!!

and now after a lot of time without enter on pf (I've had problem with pc) I'm ready to come back and more active than before eheheheh!!!!!yeah!!!!

we have to make it 2000!
Uitspraak van JanTerror op maandag 19 februari 2007 om 18:14:
we have to make it 2000!

yeah tell your friends to join! ;)
i am telling them(Y)
390 left till 2000
Uitspraak van diemen op donderdag 22 februari 2007 om 09:01:

We also have like 125 topics right now :|
Uitspraak van Dr. Eppo op vrijdag 23 februari 2007 om 10:18:
We also have like 125 topics right now

we aint growing that fast anymore:S
Uitspraak van JanTerror op zondag 25 februari 2007 om 18:22:
we aint growing that fast anymore

yeah.. that sucks :(
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your right
always look on the bright side:D
w've got a flock with more than 5000 haha
Uitspraak van Earlyravegabber op maandag 26 februari 2007 om 19:30:
w've got a flock with more than 5000 haha

yeah but this one is particular about Speedcore/Terror.
that flock with over 5000 is for just everyone.
yes thats true but we did reach over than 5000:D and this flock is great also:D
Maybe we have more then a 1000 members, but not everyone is active :S
now :( maybe a little 100
Over 10.000 visits since 7 February! :)
2000 ? We need to have every single terror/speedcore lover in the whole wide world :D
Uitspraak van Vague Entity op dinsdag 13 maart 2007 om 20:27:
I'm in

how could i help ??

post on the topics ;) and create you own topics hehe ;)
Uitspraak van Vague Entity op dinsdag 13 maart 2007 om 20:27:
I'm in

how could i help ??

you are the boyfriend of lysanne :P
just post like a maniac!:S:devil:
Trust Me - Don't Trust Me
Believe In Me - Don't Believe In Me
Keep The Faith - Loose The Faith
Show Me - Dont Show Me
Plany Of Time - Its Too Late
Time To Waste - Youre Time Has Come
Right Choice - Wrong Choice
Make It
Wright Discision - Wrong Discision
You Will Hate It - Get It
You Wont Regret - You Will Hate It
Save Youre Mind - Loose Youre Mind
Stay Alive - Die Now
300 left untill 2000
we will reach more than 3000 members
speedcore is already worldwide
but we make it more worldwide
a tekst i made !!!!!
post youre comments :P

people have thoughts of beautifull live with peace and love....
well , i stand above , i am beyond . having thoughts isn't enough .
as beautifull live can be , it is always fucking with me .
i chose a path that will follow a light ,
seeking for a brand new day when a day would be bright .
hoping that i will find peace and love
but every were i seek it seems i dont find that kind of stuff
and everyday i seek , it comes into me that the thoughts are weak .
seeking and seeking what seems for nothing at all .
and it seems deeper and deeper i dare to fall .
it seems i live in darkness and hell .
so should be , i am coming out of my shell .
dead will rise , chaos and destruction will lead .
for fuck sake what thoughts and fake promisis do we need ?!
here is the innerside of cloud nine .
a cloud nine with blood mixed with wine ,
love , peace and thoughts will not combine .
i live in darkness with honestly and thats all fine !
so i will shout !
so what the fuck is live all about ?!?!?!
b) more comments please ;p ghegh
gheghe ;p

almost to the 2000 people :)
We just reached 20.000 page hits :D
its 1 of the best flocks :)
damn i am on the wine now !!!?? :S pff :rot:
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Uitspraak van Wils op zaterdag 14 april 2007 om 01:40:
its 1 of the best flocks

it IS the best flock :P
on to 2000 spread speedcore world wide !