Speedcore Worldwide Flock 1000 Members!

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The Speedcore Worldwide Flock just reached 1000 members!! :D
Congratulations to everyone! (f) :D

The flock is growing more and more,
Thanks to everyone! (f)

We are one of the most populair flocks!
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Special thanks to:
-DJ Plague (for inviting friends)
-DJ Smurf (for inviting friends)
-The Vizitor (for inviting friends)
-Noizefucker (for inviting friends)
-GekkeWous (for being super active :) and chat moderator)
-Giuly (for being super active :) and chat moderator)
-All the other active members!



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Maybe we have more then a 1000 members, but not everyone is active :S
now :( maybe a little 100
Over 10.000 visits since 7 February! :)
2000 ? We need to have every single terror/speedcore lover in the whole wide world :D
Uitspraak van Vague Entity op dinsdag 13 maart 2007 om 20:27:
I'm in

how could i help ??

post on the topics ;) and create you own topics hehe ;)
Uitspraak van Vague Entity op dinsdag 13 maart 2007 om 20:27:
I'm in

how could i help ??

you are the boyfriend of lysanne :P
just post like a maniac!:S:devil:
Trust Me - Don't Trust Me
Believe In Me - Don't Believe In Me
Keep The Faith - Loose The Faith
Show Me - Dont Show Me
Plany Of Time - Its Too Late
Time To Waste - Youre Time Has Come
Right Choice - Wrong Choice
Make It
Wright Discision - Wrong Discision
You Will Hate It - Get It
You Wont Regret - You Will Hate It
Save Youre Mind - Loose Youre Mind
Stay Alive - Die Now
300 left untill 2000
we will reach more than 3000 members
speedcore is already worldwide
but we make it more worldwide
a tekst i made !!!!!
post youre comments :P

people have thoughts of beautifull live with peace and love....
well , i stand above , i am beyond . having thoughts isn't enough .
as beautifull live can be , it is always fucking with me .
i chose a path that will follow a light ,
seeking for a brand new day when a day would be bright .
hoping that i will find peace and love
but every were i seek it seems i dont find that kind of stuff
and everyday i seek , it comes into me that the thoughts are weak .
seeking and seeking what seems for nothing at all .
and it seems deeper and deeper i dare to fall .
it seems i live in darkness and hell .
so should be , i am coming out of my shell .
dead will rise , chaos and destruction will lead .
for fuck sake what thoughts and fake promisis do we need ?!
here is the innerside of cloud nine .
a cloud nine with blood mixed with wine ,
love , peace and thoughts will not combine .
i live in darkness with honestly and thats all fine !
so i will shout !
so what the fuck is live all about ?!?!?!
b) more comments please ;p ghegh
gheghe ;p

almost to the 2000 people :)
We just reached 20.000 page hits :D
its 1 of the best flocks :)
damn i am on the wine now !!!?? :S pff :rot:
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Uitspraak van Wils op zaterdag 14 april 2007 om 01:40:
its 1 of the best flocks

it IS the best flock :P
on to 2000 spread speedcore world wide !