foto FrenchFaces
NaamYuri Renes & Davey de Leeuw
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresfrenchcore, uptempo hardcore
partyflock FrenchFaces (16 jun 2018)


FrenchFaces is a new fresh Frenchcore & uptempo project started only in 2017 by Yuri Renes & Davey De Leeuw, both based in The Netherlands.

What started like a fun thing to do, has very quickly become a lot more than that. Hit's like "Pac-Man" and "Uranium" both Hardtunes #1's released on "Uptempo is The Uptempo" under their belt, things have already grown fast.

The name FrenchFaces defines the guys mix between Frenchcore & Uptempo hardcore, they both have have the same love and taste for this kind of music and want to make the scene even better then it currently is.

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24 februari 2018
Foto's, Hardcore4life, 24 februari 2018, Maassilo, Rotterdam
3 februari 2018
Foto's, La Fête Du Frenchcore, 3 februari 2018,, Krefeld

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