NaamArjen Lubach & Sacha Harland
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Sacha Harland, Sacha Harland
"The Galaxy has a very intellectual and visual way of producing. Everything sounds like the score of an epic movie and then somehow there always are these filthy drops. From a label perspective we fell in love with them 15 seconds into the first demo." - Yellow Claw

After a spontaneous studio-meet-up with fellow producer Cesqeaux in Amsterdam, The Galaxy was signed by Yellow Claw's label Barong Family in late 2015. Their first EP 'Bass Country Club', got a huge response by the online community. ( "The Galaxy's new EP 'Bass Country Club' is nothing but the "louder genres" and oh man is it awesome. The EP is a huge blend of heavy trap, melodic synths and hyped up vocals with some classical piano sprinkled in.")
Arjen Lubach blijkt dj van The Galaxy · 21 juli 2016
Arjen Lubach heeft in het diepste geheim achter de draaitafels gestaan. De presentator is een van de twee leden van The Galaxy, werd donderdag onthuld in een video van het duo.
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