NaamAlfeo Pier
Functielive act, DJ
UNC is the sub-personality and techno pseudonym of Pier Alfeo who explores the innovative sphere of electronic music. In the late UNC has teamed up with Claudio PRC to collaborate on an EP for The God's Planet (TGP).
Playing in clubs around Europe including Tresor, UNC has been able to showcase a perfectly designed live set to his audiences. Since the beginning of summer 2015, UNC has been DJing in a residency at Sound Department in Taranto, Italy alongside Sleeparchive, TR-101, Sandrien, Heiko Laux, and Adam X to name a few.
To start of 2016, UNC will launch a new label of his own 'UNC Series' which will feature collaborations between likeminded artists who are all motivated by the art of creation.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 15 april 2016: Morph, Cruquiusgilde Warehouse, Amsterdam
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